The Feast

28 November, 2022

Thanksgiving came and went last Thursday.  Still, it lingers in my mind and on my tongue, as I eat turkey-cranberry sandwiches for lunch and remember an evening of warmth and friendship, music and laughter.  I’ll take any excuse to throw a party, but Thanksgiving is one of my favorites.  Despite the whirlwind of activity, as I am up at dawn to get the turkey in and I’m on my feet all day, cooking and rehearsing and corralling kids, I do take pause to count my blessings.  There are so many.

After we eat, we share art and music with each other.  My children play songs on the piano.  My friend recites a poem about William Wallace, delivered in the traditional Scottish brogue.  My husband shares a story he wrote for his dad, and I am moved to tears.  We’ve had this tradition for many years, and I am still struck by how the greatest parts of people pour out in droves when you invite them to share their art.  As my father-in-law used to say, “Scratch a spirit and you find an artist.”

The last two years have been a humbling experience.  I have learned who my true friends are, and I hold them closer than ever.  I am grateful for health, family, friendship, and freedom – all those things we nearly lost, while the world was engulfed by fear.  I am reminded of the legend of Winston Churchill, who stated in response to a request to cut arts funding in favor of the war efforts, “Then what are we fighting for?”

My conviction about art is what drove me to publish my upcoming book, The Blandford Fly and Other Tales.  While each story is unique in its genre – a little fantasy, some sci-fi, a bit of a ghost story – they are all about the greatness of the human spirit.

Which is something that I believe is worth fighting for.


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