From the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

For as long as I’ve been in love with stories, I’ve been obsessed with Ireland.

Until recently, I had never set foot on Irish soil. But there was something about it that called to me – the music, the poetry, the art… and the stories. From ancient myths about faeries and leprechauns to the legend of the banshee, I devoured Irish tales with an insatiable hunger. I just didn’t understand why these stories hadn’t been re-told more frequently in a modern setting.

It is for this reason that I set out to write Ballad of the Dead. As intimidating as it was to attempt homage to some of the greatest storytellers on earth, I hope I did them some justice. And if I failed, well, at least I had a good time writing it.

The book is dedicated to Young Adults in the hopes that they still have their fingers through the last threads of childhood imagination. They are in that terrible in-between world – no longer a child, not quite an adult – in which fairy tales and the fanciful are beginning to appear useless. But oh, if only they knew how important imagination is, to get you through adulthood.

Speaking of Ireland, I finally visited. It was everything I imagined. The greenest greens, the jolliest people, and a vast and endless sky like nothing I’ve ever seen.

“Ireland is like no other place under heaven.” -George Bernard Shaw

Ballad of the Dead will be available on 11/20/20 on Amazon, both in print and on e-book. Sign up for my newsletter for that and other updates.